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A book of inspired writing written by Mark Woollacott

Love Would Say

In the entire scope of contemporary non-fiction, this book is certainly worthy of being ranked as among one of the most beautiful writings ever to be presented to the modern-day reader.

Deeply spiritual, passionate and full of harmony and richness, this uplifting literary work sings like love to your heart and pours the loving essence of kindness, hope and peace into fifty-six passages of inspired text meant to deliver only truth, joy and reassurance into your life.

Love Would Say is a work of these times: in an age when readers are earnestly and collectively seeking for deeper meaning in their lives and looking for a way to experience freedom from sadness, anxiety, fear and loss, and, more importantly, attain moments that will bring them lasting peace, love and oneness through the unforgettable, glorious realization of their true Self.

This companion book to A Beautiful Reality, brings together all of the inspired writing featured within its pages and presents them in one modest volume. This book invites the reader to know of love as it was truly meant to be known. In Love’s presence, you will be awakened to a timeless truth and a memory of bliss that will stay with you forever.

Inspired writing ...

I would carry you through the days of this world, and I would let you rest your weary head upon my shoulder. I would cradle you in peaceful light and keep you steady in my embrace. I would trust you and hold you dear, and I would smile and shed glad tears, and wait for every sacred song to lift you closer to endless love.

All is love, and love is real. There is only joy to welcome now, and in that joy there is everything to be. Be you well. Think of me in your happy dreams and I will light your road with peace. Be you well. Be you well. Be you always well.

Love Would Say – Chapter Fifteen: Be You Well

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Into the world of divine beauty, love and mystical experience, this book brings rich powerful insights into the nature of the true Self and inner peace. An inspiring and deeply-moving book that will forever resonate with your heart and mind and speak to you of divine truth and of endless beauty.

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