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commission of a boat painting

Professional commission of a yacht by UK marine artist Mark Woollacott

yacht painting commission

Painting commission of a boat

The following work-in-progress images show how a painting commission of a yacht progresses from its beginning to its completion. This commissioned boat painting, which took ten weeks to paint, is of a Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 42DS yacht anchored off Nice, Southern France. Canvas size: 65 cm x 95 cm.

work-in-progress boat image 1

Making a start

After drawing the various elements of the boat commission onto the canvas, I begin by mixing oil paint with professional artists' thinners and apply it to the primed layer on the canvas.

work-in-progress boat image 2

The underpainting

The first painted layer of the painting is known as the underpainting. This this usually quite a thin layer of paint which establishes the base layer of the various elements in the composition. Brushstrokes will often be visible at this early stage in the painting process.

work-in-progress boat image 3

As the painting progresses and additional layers are painted, the painting becomes more refined and detailed in appearance.

work-in-progress boat image 4

work-in-progress boat image 5

work-in-progress boat image 6

work-in-progress boat image 7

work-in-progress boat image 8

work-in-progress boat image 9

work-in-progress boat image 10

work-in-progress boat image 11

completed painting

Once an oil painting is finished, it is left to dry for some weeks, before a protective coat of artists' retouch varnish can be applied.

Are you interested in commissioning a painting of a boat?

Have you ever considered owning a commissioned painting or investing in original art? Perhaps you would like to commission me to paint an original for you, something which is special to you, which will reward you with many years of enjoyment. Commissioning a painting for yourself or for a friend or a loved one can be a really enjoyable experience. At every part of the process you are kept updated with weekly progress emails and images of the commissioned painting. So even if you don't know a great deal about art and if it is the first time you've considered commissioning a painting, you will really enjoy the experience - and you might also gain a few interesting insights into painting techniques along the way too!

« For more details on what is involved in a painting commission, please visit my Paintings Commissions page, which has plenty of helpful information.

If you are interested in commissioning me to paint an original painting for you, then please contact me using the email address below and I will be happy to discuss your requirements and answer any questions you may have regarding the commission. I am based in North Devon, South West England.


Some more comments...

Mr J Ballantyne

The attention to detail was incredible!

J Hockin

I feel most privileged and honoured that you would so kindly do this for me … thank you!

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Port Grimaud St Tropez

Maritime painting

Half a Century — Painting Commission

I really enjoyed working on this commission, which had a combination of architecture as well as the fascinating maritime aspects. This oil painting is a depiction of a yacht, moored outside the owner's home in Port Grimaud, St Tropez, South of France. There was a lot of detail involved and a certain amount of realism to be achieved. Painting the water with great care and patience (which took me two weeks in total) really brought the painting to life. Painting info: Oil on canvas. Canvas dimensions: 36 x 24 inches.

Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 42DS yacht

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Casper — Painting Commission

This recent oil painting was a wonderful commission to work on and a great privilege for me. This painting shows Casper, a stunning Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 42DS yacht, anchored off the beautiful city of Nice, South of France. The deep blues in this painting really bring to life the vibrancy and the quality of the natural light in this picturesque part of the world. I really enjoyed painting the water and bringing together all the separate details and elements that added to the final realism of this artwork. Painting info: Oil on a bespoke linen canvas. Canvas dimensions: 65 cm x 95 cm.

Salar 40 yacht Whitsuntide

Maritime painting

Whitsuntide — Painting Commission

This recent painting commission was a pleasure to work on. I was asked to depict the Salar 40 yacht Whitsuntide sailing through Alum Bay and heading towards the Needles, Isle of Wight. It captures the yacht as it would have looked during the 1970s. Painting info: Acrylic on a bespoke linen canvas. Canvas dimensions: 70 cm x 110 cm.

A View of Ilfracombe from Hillsborough

Seascape painting

Ilfracombe — Painting Commission

This was a delightful painting commission, in which I was asked to depict a detailed view of Ilfracombe from the vantage of Hillsborough. This picturesque North Devon town has a wonderful history and continues to have one of the most beautiful working fishing harbours in the county. Painting info: Acrylic on Italian fine grain linen panel. Dimensions: 30 cm x 40 cm.

yacht Cassiopeia

Maritime painting

Cassiopeia — Painting Commission

This painting shows the client's yacht taking part in a popular sailing regatta in Greece. The yacht is Cassiopeia. A degree of realism was requested by the client in the initial brief for this painting commission, and I was also to depict some landscape in the composition. Painting info: Acrylic on canvas. Canvas dimensions: 16 x 28 inches.

yacht Abigail

Maritime painting

Abigail — Painting Commission

This was a hugely enjoyable painting commission. I had the honour of being asked to undertake a painting commission in which I was to depict the yacht, Abigail. Painting info: Acrylic on canvas. Canvas dimensions: 16 x 24 inches.

Lucky Cat, Sivota, Greece

Maritime painting

Lucky Cat Sivota, Greece — Painting Commission

I really enjoyed painting this particular commission, which was based on a superb reference photograph supplied by the client. Sivota is such a picturesque setting for sailors, and I can understand why people visit the place. In this commission, I was asked to paint a scene which not only incorporated the yacht, Lucky Cat, and the beauty of the harbour as dusk approached, but also to paint the whole scene with a degree of realism. Painting info: Acrylic on canvas. Canvas dimensions: 24 x 22 inches.

On Board SY Albatros HYS 1974

Maritime painting

On Board SY Albatross HYS 1974 — Painting Commission

This painting is based on a photographic slide of V. Hanf, taken in August 1974 onboard Sailing Yacht Albatros of HYS (Hanseatische Yachtschule) in the Fehmarn Belt, during the early morning (at sunrise) after having sailed through the night. HYS stands for Hanseatische (Hanseatic) Yacht (ing) Schule (School). Albatros belonged to HYS from 1953 to 1995. Albatros was ordered in 1936 by the Reichs Air Force Ministry, General Christiansen, who lived on the island of Föhr as a training trip for Naval pilots and it was built on the river–shaped fjord by the name of Schlei, as a ketch. It was built from oak larch & teak. Its engine: 125 hp. Its placement thirty tons. After the war it was confiscated by the British and was consequently rebuilt interiorly. In 1952 Albatros was changed to a Bermuda rigging and was given as a donation to HYS, to be used for training trips, where it was a very much loved ship until 1995. Finally it was sold to be a charter vessel on the Adriatic Sea. Painting info: Acrylic on canvas board. Canvas dimensions: 16 x 20 inches.

The Rescue

Maritime painting

The Rescue — Painting Commission

This painting, entitled The Rescue, is based on an original detailed sketch (drawn in 1990 by sailor Mr J Ballantyne) of a real-life rescue that took place off Berry Head quarry, Devon, on 10th September, 1989, featuring the rescue of a dismasted Beneteau Double First 32S5 by the Brixham-based, Arun-class lifeboat, The Edward Bridges. The painting features two additional yachts, Papillion (which Mr J Ballantyne was onboard) and Sigmagnifique. Painting info: Acrylic on canvas. Canvas dimensions: 16 x 24 inches. Available as a print.