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As a studio-based artist, I paint in a traditional manner, paying careful attention to light, shade, detail and colour interpretation in order to achieve a high degree of artistic realism. This website features my most recent paintings, as well as a small selection of my older artworks, including landscapes and topographical town and cityscapes. All marine art can be ordered from this website or from art galleries. Please contact the relevant art galleries that currently stock my maritime paintings — which are listed on the Gallery Representation page.

Sophie classic boat sailing

NEW: Painting Title: Sophie, Round The Island Race, 2016 | Acrylic on canvas | Size: 24 x 36 inches | CLICK ON THE IMAGE ABOVE FOR MORE INFO ABOUT THIS PAINTING

Paintings of London

DETAIL: Painting Title: The Houses of Parliament, Westminster Bridge and Portcullis House - Evening, May 2013 | Acrylic on canvas | Size: 14 x 36 inches | Framed | CLICK ON THE IMAGE ABOVE FOR MORE INFO ABOUT THIS PAINTING

Painting Commissions

Commissioning a painting can be a special experience; for not only does the commission provide a client with an insight into how an artist produces an artwork, but, more importantly, the client ends up with an original bespoke work of art, created exactly how they imagined it. As the painter, it is my role to create a painting that brings together all the key parts of a scene and to paint a picture of an object, or place, that means something important to the client on a personal level, and thereby create a painting that will bring years of enjoyment and evoke many fond memories.

Image Licensing

If you wish to reproduce any of the images of my artwork, books, CDs or of myself from this website for an article in a magazine, a book, a calendar, a newspaper, or an online platform of any kind (e.g. a website, blog etc.) or for any other reason, you must first write to me and obtain a Rights Managed Image Licence from me regardless of whether you use the image or images for commercial, personal or educational purposes. Please note: All images on this website are protected by copyright law. No part of this website may be reproduced, altered, reworded, rephrased, copied, displayed, hosted, illegally downloaded, distributed, published, broadcast, used to create a derivative work, stored or saved without the prior written permission from the artist/copyright owner. To do so without first obtaining written permission constitutes an infringement of copyright and is illegal under UK and international law.

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