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A play written by Mark Woollacott

Love Sings Like The Nightingale


The year is 1693 and it is a time when the Kingdom of Sicily was part of the Spanish Empire and ruled by local barons.

Roberto Calamia (a humble, thirty-year-old carpenter and unpublished poet) is in love with wealthy, world-wise and deep-feeling Isabella Attino (a beautiful opera singer in her late twenties) who lives with her father and her two sisters in a rural Sicilian town called PaternĂ², in the province of Catania, a short distance from the slopes of Mount Etna. Isabella is in love with Roberto, but she doesn't wish to confess her love to him. Instead, she holds back her true feelings - as the last time she experienced love with someone she ended up being emotionally hurt and betrayed and, understandably, doesn't wish to be hurt again. Isabella’s sisters encourage Isabella to be more considerate and trusting towards Roberto instead of being guarded, cold and distant, but Isabella doesn't heed their advice and issues Roberto with a challenge, in order for him to prove his love and worthiness, and sends him on a perilous journey to the dangerous slopes of Mount Etna, where he must ascend to its fiery, poisonous-fumed summit. This is a powerful and moving love story that focuses on the themes of trust, regret and emotional self-preservation.

This short play was originally written over a period of six days from 17th to 22nd October 2007 and was re-written (with only a few minor alterations made) from 4th to 9th February 2012. In essence, Love Sings like the Nightingale is a tragic love story: it is a traditional drama about self-worth, trust, resignation and regret.

Mark Woollacott

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Date of publication: 15th March 2012
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Date of publication: 15th March 2012
Country of publication: United States
Published by: Mark Woollacott Publishing