Mark Woollacott Author and Artist

New book releases

1st February 2019

NEW: for Autumn 2019

A Beautiful Reality has been a while in the making and explores the spiritual, metaphysical and the psychological. Written in a gentle, inspiring, and helpful way, the author invites the reader to re-awaken the beautiful and timeless qualities that have always existed within the true Self (the inner spiritual part of ourselves). This brand new book is a reflection of Mark's own spiritual experiences, beliefs and inner philosophical musings.

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New book releases

21st January 2019

Inspired Writing

Love Would Say is the companion book to A Beautiful Reality. It brings together all of the inspired writing featured within A Beautiful Reality and presents them in one modest volume. This book serves as a means to inspire and to bring hope and inner tranquillity to the reader. It invites the reader to know of divine love as it was truly meant to be known. In Love’s presence, you will be awakened to a timeless truth and a memory of bliss that will stay with you forever. Poetic, beautiful and deeply spiritual, these words will speak to you like sacred text filled with love and peace.

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a three-act play by Mark Woollacott

1st January 2019

Love Sings Like The Nightingale

Love Sings like the Nightingale is a short play which comprises six scenes over three acts. The book features a writer's note, a table of contents, the cast and sets, the play, and the writer's biography.

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a new novel underway

31st December 2018

This Twilight Garden

This Twilight Garden is a visionary tale, rich with beauty, written for readers who wish to be immersed in the mythological and the spiritual. Needless to say, archetypal references abound in this book, and there is a deliberate hint of old world mystery and the mythical in this story – a homage to Ovid’s Metamorphoses and Dante’s Vita Nuova and The Divine Comedy. There are many themes running through this story, such as love, beauty, happiness, peace and compassion, but the overriding theme that runs through the main character’s journey is the theme of identity through spiritual understanding. This story is still in progress and a publication date has not yet been set.

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author questions and answers

24th December 2018

New: Author Questions and Answers

Discover what inspires me as a writer and learn about the processes that were involved in writing the book A Beautiful Reality.

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