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Online Policy

By Mark Woollacott

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Ordering online at

To order any of my paintings online, just click on the secure PayPal “Pay Now” payment button located below the painting that you wish to purchase.

PayPal processes all my credit and debit card transactions. This website does not employ a Shopping Cart Checkout system. Instead, it only uses individual PayPal “Pay Now” payment buttons: each one takes the customer straight through to PayPal where the order can be swiftly and securely processed. For buyers from countries not using PayPal, please contact me directly by email to arrange payment.

Secured by PayPal

I have been using PayPal on my website since 2009. PayPal has been chosen to process your payment because of their professional and secure processing. Established in 1998, Paypal are world leaders in online payment processing and are one of the world's largest Internet payment companies. Every PayPal payment button at has been encrypted by PayPal for complete security. Payments can also be made from a PayPal account if you already own one.

Please note: you do not have to own or sign up for a PayPal account in order to make a payment at this website. You can simply pay by credit card or debit card if you prefer. All prices are shown in British Pounds Sterling.

Once your order has been processed, PayPal will send you an email confirming your payment. Immediately after, PayPal will email me and notify me of your order and I will send you an order confirmation email as soon as possible. Your order will be processed and the painting will be mailed to you within the time period stated on the "Paintings for Sale" page.

Ordering online at is quick, safe and secure. This site uses PayPal, one of the most popular, most trusted and most secure online payment processing systems available in the world to ensure that customers' credit card or debit card information is not in any way compromised. Customers can feel comfortable conducting commerce at knowing that all information provided during the payment process is totally safe and private.

This website has been designed using professional industry-leading web design software and is hosted on secure servers. This website has been secured and protected with an SSL certificate, with 256-bit encryption, that encrypts all page views. An SSL (secure sockets layer) certificate is a digital certificate that both authenticates the identity of a website, and encrypts sensitive information so that when making a payment through PayPal, any passwords, addresses or credit card numbers can not be intercepted or read by anyone other than the intended recipient.

On a web browser, a secured website's URL always starts with https: and has a fastened padlock icon positioned to the left of it. The full URL for my website is Check the address bar (also known as the URL bar or location bar) at the very top of your browser to see which version your're visiting. Depending on what web browser you are using, you may be on the http version of the website. If this is so, it means that particular browser's search engine hasn't yet updated its listings for my website and hasn't changed it to the https version. If you are unsure, simply type in the URL address bar at the top of the browser and it will take you straight to the website again, which will now be secured by the SSL certificate. Recommended web browsers are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge.

It is always with the greatest appreciation and gratitude that I receive any painting orders and, as with all orders, it will be my standard to undertake and execute your order with the greatest care, attention, commitment and professionalism in order to supply you with a painting which will provide and reward you with many years of enjoyment.

For any policy enquiries, please email me at:

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Artwork comments...

Mr J Ballantyne

The attention to detail was incredible!

J Hockin

I feel most privileged and honoured that you would so kindly do this for me … thank you!

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Snowdonia and Hiker

2nd February 2015

Helping to Raise Funds for the Prince's Trust

A View From the Watkin Path, Snowdonia (also known as Snowdonia and Hiker) was recently sold for £750.00 during a silent auction held at The Prince’s Trust and EMC Leadership Dinner, the London Hilton, Park Lane, on Thursday 29th January 2015. I was delighted that the sale of one of my paintings (an acrylic, size: 12 x 12 inches) helped to raise some funds for the Trust. This opportunity was possible due to the help and kindness of Nina Lording (manager of Echo Beach Gallery), artist Darren Baker and the Prince's Trust.

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Lucky Cat, Sivota, Greece

Maritime painting

Lucky Cat Sivota, Greece — Painting Commission

I really enjoyed painting this particular commission, which was based on a superb reference photograph supplied by the client. Sivota is such a picturesque setting for sailors, and I can understand why people visit the place. In this commission, I was asked to paint a scene which not only incorporated the yacht, Lucky Cat, and the beauty of the harbour as dusk approached, but also to paint the whole scene with a degree of realism. Painting info: Acrylic on canvas. Canvas dimensions: 24 x 22 inches.

The Rescue

3rd August 2014

The Rescue — Painting Commission

This painting, entitled The Rescue, is based on an original detailed sketch (drawn in 1990 by sailor Mr J Ballantyne) of a real-life rescue that took place off Berry Head quarry, Devon, on 10th September, 1989, featuring the rescue of a dismasted Beneteau Double First 32S5 by the Brixham-based, Arun-class lifeboat, The Edward Bridges. The painting features two additional yachts, Papillion (which Mr J Ballantyne was onboard) and Sigmagnifique. Painting info: Acrylic on canvas. Canvas dimensions: 16 x 24 inches. Available as a print.