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The Angel on The Empire

And so I found myself, standing patiently upon the highest part of the Empire,
Watching a perfect dawn; observing the progress of its evolving, captivating light
Which blazed like an amber fire until its intensity of colour and beauty was complete.

And from the east, where the sun always rises each earthly day,
I turned and steered my gaze across the entire spread of sky,
And from its vastness, its pure blueness, its depth and extraordinary clarity

I calmly reflected upon the world and its ever-present opportunity for change:
Reflecting upon that one thing which might contribute greatly to humankind's well-being;
And from this simple, subjective pondering, the idea of hope was born yet again.

The air felt clean and cool upon my face, and my sensory awareness seemed heightened.
At once, I noticed a greater acuity of intuition and an intense perception of the present,
And by this unique enhancement of the mind, and also, being completely relaxed

I suddenly beheld the veil that separates the spiritual from the corporeal
Part smoothly like a silken curtain, which allowed the air to be merged with a greater brilliance;
And turning to my right, my instincts told me that a spiritual presence was longing to be seen.

And in a moment, so quick that not even the genesis of a thought could be fully formed
I perceived an enormous angel, standing upon the highest edge of the Empire:
At least nine feet tall, with flowing fair hair and a heavenly countenance.

Clothed in golden robes, the angel brightened as it reflected the morning light;
And meeting my gaze, as I looked up in wonder at its angelic magnificence,
The angel radiated love into my heart and unfolded its wings against the sky.

In that moment of revelation, the angel appeared sublime and exulted in form:
A direct link to the heavens, to the very source of holiness and divine love;
And I, standing speechless, felt humbled by such a tranquil and beautiful visitation.

And being moved by the angel's exquisite presence, I knelt before it and wept;
Wept from a profound feeling that could only have originated from my responding soul
Which on some inner level of awareness recognized the Light that is in all things holy.

Such was the strength of the emotional currents flowing within me,
That I almost forgot that I was not alone on the Empire,
And when a hand gently touched my shoulder as I wept

I heard the soft, caring voice of my companion addressing me,
Asking me what had made me shed such unexpected tears.
And rising slowly to my feet, I smiled kindly at her and pointed toward the angel

Who smiled so benevolently at me that not even a young mother,
Gazing with pure love and with goodness in her heart at her first born for the very first time,
Could show any greater benevolence. And under this gaze, I described for her what I saw.

My companion, who did not see the angel, studied the area where I had pointed to,
And from her expression, I noticed that something had intrigued her; and stretching out her hand,
She cautiously moved it toward the angel; and as I watched it touch the angelic robe

So my companion's hand suddenly came to a stop, and soon after, she calmly withdrew it;
And then, upon her face, I beheld a look of astonishment, but no alarm did she feel or show,
For I knew instinctively that she had just sensed the presence of the angel.

My companion moved closer to me and held my hand, and looking into her eyes
I saw a new comprehension - a realization - the dawning of a spiritual truth.
And to indicate that I understood the significance of what she had experienced

I gently smiled at her and told her to regard the experience as a blessing and a privilege.
For it was my belief the angel had a reason for appearing before us:
As, throughout history, angelic visitations usually heralded a message of some kind.

Turning to the angel, I asked it why it had visited the Empire and made itself known to us,
And the angel, glad that I had desired to converse and to learn from it, responded thus:
'I am here because I have always been concerned with the journey of humanity;

And though I sometimes stand alone and perceive the activities of such cities below
And sense the thoughts of people: their words, their worries, their sufferings, their joys,
I understand the progress and the setbacks of humanity as I witness it in motion and give aid.

You are only able to see me because you are more perceptive than your companion.
You are sensitive to my light - my aura - and so I allowed you an opportunity to learn,
To experience and to feel what it is like to be in the presence of one like myself.

You are actually hearing my voice through your mind; but your companion cannot hear me;
But I will give her a gift,' and moving toward her, he wrapped his arms gently about her
And radiated the purest love straight into her emotional heart.

I then saw his light: a pink light of such indescribable vibrancy and extraordinary beauty,
Shine from his body and transfer gently into my companion like a river of energy:
It was a light that could never be replicated on earth - nothing could be compared with it.

And finding my companion reacting to the light and to the closeness of the angel,
I saw in her face an expression of bliss: of such spiritual ecstasy and joy
That her delight seemed to almost transcend her physical body and lighten her soul.

After a few moments, the angel gently released my companion,
And feeling the angel withdrawing, my companion, understandably, moved toward it:
Her soul thirsting for yet more of the heavenly light that had just poured into her body.

... [This is an extract from the poem and is not the full version.]

Written by Mark Woollacott
2nd November 2009.
Copyright © 2009 Mark Woollacott. All rights reserved.



Sunlight on a Stream of Tears

Time acts as a witness to the joys and sorrows of the world.
Etched lightly into the earth, a moment passes so briefly:
Eventually covered by dust and slowly erased from memory.
Where am I going? Have I been here before?
Are all the things beyond myself truly real as gold?
Look only into the nothingness, it is all you will ever have.
Yet my angel sings of other ways, steering my mind to truth;
And so I choose to listen, to hear the angel's song
And remember the ancient melody that will awaken me from the dream.
I can now see hope in this world that does not breathe;
I can see only light in every face that never was;
I can see peace in a race that smiles and clashes;
I can see only one now, I can see only one.
I am aware of truth's stillness, safe in eternal joy;
Silent holy rays will bathe the old grey road.
I can breathe for everyone and see with perfect sight;
For I can see the sunlight upon the stream of tears.

Written by Mark Woollacott
1st March 2017.
Copyright © 2017 Mark Woollacott. All rights reserved.



Beyond The Walls Of The World

This great heavy curtain that borders our living Earth,
Which encloses all the living and all the evolving
Marks the greatest boundary to a beautiful eternity.
But within this rational world, filled with its distractions,
Are a populous bound by the heaviness of fate:
Where most are blind to any revelation of the spiritual,
Who function with eyes only on the self and its material needs.
Yet this curtain has hung in place since life began:
Appearing as a wall of steel to the unsympathetic mind
But as the most delicate veil to the believer
Who sees it for what it is, knowing he or she can step through
Without any resistance, when the time is right to do so.

The sceptic cannot measure or examine this curtain, nor draw it aside,
Yet those that already exist beyond it can travel through at any time:
To inspire, to guide, to give hope, to heal and to comfort all.
Each moment that passes on this earth is a wonderful boon
Where the opportunity to believe is ever a possibility
And a welcome revelation to any awakened mind.
Appreciate the beauty of a wholesome spiritual world
And steer your thoughts upon it, daily and with conviction,
And you will gradually become aware of this great curtain
And sense a beauty that far exceeds the loveliness of Earth:
As it imprints a realization that life exists beyond the physical,
Where peace is found, wisdom gained and happiness returned.

Written by Mark Woollacott
30th January 2014.
Copyright © 2014 Mark Woollacott. All rights reserved.



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