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Pray for Fey


Following the tragic death of her sister, Fey (a young idealistic fairy) is determined to prove that there is an afterlife for fairies – something which fairies have always denied the existence of. Not only is Fey prepared to sacrifice love in order to search for her spiritual identity but, more astonishingly and at great personal cost to herself, she breaks with years of fairy convention and turns to human beings for guidance and commits herself to their God in the hope of being granted a soul and eternal life in heaven.

Pray for Fey is a deeply-moving fairy tale set in the late nineteenth century, in Paimpont Forest and the town of Dinan, in rural Brittany, France. It is a tragic love story that truly touches the heart and reveals what really happens to fairies after they die.

From the very moment I conceived the idea for Pray for Fey, I wanted to produce a novel that explored the relationship between the world of fairies and humans and also their relationship to religion and the afterlife. The fairies that feature in my story are based loosely on the traditional type of fairy, as described in the old fairy tales of Europe. Such fairies were reputed to be wingless and humanlike in size and have a strong connection with the elements and with nature. Although fairies are generally depicted as being magical in nature and having special supernatural powers, the fairies in Pray for Fey possess only limited magical abilities. However, their connection and deep affinity with nature remains strong and essential to their existence.

Mark Woollacott

Pray For Fey is essentially a “search for the Holy Grail” type of story – it is an impossible quest. But it is a quest which has to be undertaken (with profound personal sacrifices made along the way) by the story‚Äôs protagonist, to establish whether there exists the ultimate spiritual treasure that she is searching for ... her very own soul and a guaranteed existence in an afterlife.

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Number of pages: 140
Dimensions: 5.06 inches x 7.81 inches
Date of publication: 19th June 2012
Country of publication: United States
Imprint of record: CreateSpace
Published by: Mark Woollacott Publishing
ISBN-13: 978-1477622773
ISBN-10: 1477622772

E-book Edition Details

Date of publication: 20th June 2012
Country of publication: United States
Published by: Mark Woollacott Publishing

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