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Turning Snowflakes Into Snowdrops


A terrible, personal tragedy serves as the catalyst for a sequence of events that completely change the outlook of twenty-three-year-old Abigail Spears' already-troubled life. First, she loses her mother to stomach cancer and, soon after, her grief-stricken father takes his own life, leaving her in a lamentable predicament, alone and left with no choice but to live with her cold and oppressive grandmother near the bleak, brooding hills of Dartmoor, England.

Abigail's grief and sense of aloneness makes her feel vulnerable and exposed to the hardness of the world. She knows her struggles will only be overcome if she learns to free her true self from the shackles of her own inner oppressions, doubts, and personal hang-ups. But is she strong enough to muster the inner strength and conviction required in order to resolve all of her issues? Can she overcome the fear of failure and break free from the shadow of adversity which always seems to haunt her?

Emotionally engaging, profound, yet also disturbing, this is a story that will move you, inspire you, and remain forever in your memory.

Mark Woollacott

This is a tense and dramatic work of contemporary fiction that explores the vulnerabilities and strengths of the human condition when put under the greatest stresses from the real world and also the inner world of the mind. It is a story about the fear of living alone, confronting independence and surviving by one’s own strengths. It is a story of hope and self-discovery, whereby the principle character undergoes a personal growth transformation as a result of an arduous life-changing journey.

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Paperback Edition Details

Number of pages: 384
Dimensions: 5.06 inches x 7.81 inches
Date of publication: 14th January 2013
Country of publication: United States
Imprint of record: CreateSpace
Published by: Mark Woollacott Publishing
ISBN-13: 978-1481964418
ISBN-10: 1481964410

E-book Edition Details

Date of publication: 13th January 2013
Country of publication: United States
Published by: Mark Woollacott Publishing

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