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Real love never ends in the way you believe it will. It spans beyond the veil that seems to mark the boundary to the imagined walls of the living world. But this boundary is not of any making that would prevent love from being known to you. Love, peace and joy are being sent to you constantly – but you may not be fully aware of this just right now.”

A Beautiful Reality – Chapter Four: Searching for a Revelation

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Writing, like art, has always been a major passion in my life. I have been writing stories, scripts and poetry since 1995. My written works include: Pray for Fey, Turning Snowflakes into Snowdrops and many other stories, including my debut play, Love Sings Like the Nightingale.

Why are themes so important?

Whether we realize it or not, we are all influenced by themes – universal themes, and many of them – such as love, beauty, poverty, abundance, survival, courage, time, spirituality, divinity, peace, unity, happiness, etc. Authors cannot avoid them – nor would they wish to – for it is the very stuff of living, learning and progression to a kind of betterness reached at a much higher level than what was known before. Authors are always face-to-face with themes at every waking moment and in every breath they take and in every moment in which they pause to reflect or prepare to enjoin others in new concepts. Without themes there would be nothing to sing about and nothing to write about. Creativity is naturally bound by them, always.

Love Sings Like the Nightingale

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The year is 1693 and it is a time when the Kingdom of Sicily was part of the Spanish Empire and ruled by local barons. Love Sings like the Nightingale is a tragic love story: it is a traditional drama about self-worth, trust, resignation and regret. Discover more about this play.

Inspired Writing

“You probably still believe that your life is so complex that to discover happiness by yourself would be equally as complex a task. But so simple is happiness you will find it available to you in very good measure. It is easier than breathing, it is easier than opening your eyes. There is no difficulty to be encountered at all when what speaks from your heart is administered to you and to others so joyfully and so freely. I know this so well. Why do you think I want to communicate to everyone all of the time and to share my joy? My teaching is to teach you that joy is found in the Source’s love, and I will tell you where you may find it. There was never any other purpose than that.”

A Beautiful Reality – Chapter Fifteen: Be You Well

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